My Temporary Solutions to solve the crisis

  1. Get rid of the problem of storing half the world’s oil by converting it to energy to be stored in the GRID. This will bring stability to the world’s oil markets and production can slowly resume.

  2. Use bartering to trade essential food items especially farm produce which has a short shelf life rather than throwing it to the rubbish bin. Economies will be hard pressed for cash and this will ease the cashflow.

  3. After lockdown your economy cannot afford to close your borders, especially transportation of goods and services. Air transportation and by train and containers must resume as quickly as possible. 

  4. Air travel for passengers can slowly resume depending on your pandemic conditions especially the easing of travel restrictions on essential workers as no economy can survive and run it’s economy without it’s workers.

  5. If you are quick to implement all these the impact will be minimum and it will roughly take 3 months for you to be on the path of recovery.

  6. When you are a path of recovery job losses can be contained, and as many workers return to work, business will slowly return to profits, supporting SMEs with loans to tide them over and restart their business is essential as more than 80% will be affected and many will close forever, if we are able to save 50% out of the 80% that close down I am happy, as that will signal a faster recovery than a no hope recession. 

  7. Huge reserves of oil I can also get rid of within 2 weeks to a month by bartering, and nobody will reject oil, so I do not expect the oil crisis to last very long. Not all types of oil can be used to convert to energy, you need to consider the price of oil and the price of energy, but one thing is for sure, oil will return to US$40 to US$50 per barrel within 1 month when excess capacity is removed.

  8. Excess goods I can also use bartering to trade, what is most important I get the necessary goods and services to keep my economy running smoothly, if I am Malaysia I will use this method when the demand of palm oil drops, and trade for other things that I deem as essential.

“The country’s reserves are large enough” – it is economic madness if you do not count the costs, who will pay the bill? I am not the Singapore govt

Let me be very clear, since I started work 10 years ago until today I did not receive any benefits from anyone or any donations, all my incomes have been taken over and hidden by hundreds of people so that if the main culprit is caught there is no way I can recover the money, since this is the case why should I help those who interfere when I did not even receive a single cent funding, sorry I tell those involved to go to hell, we talk after I get my way. Contributed by Oogle.

On Saturday, the Workers’ Party (WP) Youth Wing organised a love online Zoom webinar titled, “The COVID-19 Crisis: Through Medical, Economic, and Legal Lenses featuring public health expert Dr Jeremy Lim, infectious diseases specialist Dr Leong Hoe Nam, lawyer Harpreet Singh and economist Yeoh Lam Keong. The webinar, which was a panel discussion on how the current pandemic has and is affecting the country, was also streamed on the party’s Facebook page.

Mr Yeoh, who was a senior economist and strategist at the Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC) for 26 years and is heavily involved in economic policy research, touched on the economic policy support rolled out by the government in the wake of this crisis which he believes is “inadequate”, although “can be improved”.

The country’s reserves are large enough to triple economic support

Mr Yeoh who is also a former adjunct professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, acknowledged the three budgets that have been announced by the government since the beginning of the year—Resilience, Solidarity, and Unity budgets—but added that much more needs to be done.

Mr Yeoh warned that the crisis will be as bad or probably worse than the great financial crisis back in 2007-2008. He predicted, “Unemployment and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are going to be worse hit. We have 200,000 SMEs in Singapore that account for 65% of employment, 50% of our output.”

He went on to stress the importance of supporting SMEs through this dire period, noting that “If we do not support sufficiently our industry and our industrial capacity, especially our SME capacity through this period, it is ridiculous because this catastrophe is like an act of god.”

He stressed, “You cannot, because of a catastrophe, allow the market under catastrophic conditions to sort out the winners and losers and who continues in business and who does not. That would be economic madness.”

Mr Yeoh then suggested that the risk that is to come should be spread equitably between all parties—the government, firms, employers, banks, etc. This needs to be done the basis of who has more resources, which in this case is the government and government reserves, he added.

The economist explained that the lockdowns—which are necessary for public health—will do a lot of economic damaged. However, given that the lockdowns are for the public good, it should be publicly provided for.

Mr Yeoh noted again that the country’s reserves are “large enough” that even if the amount spent so far on government packages were doubled or trebled, the reserves “will easily replenish” within three to five years under normal conditions.

Support for SMEs: Expanded wage support, rental relief, and increased line of credit

Expanded wage support

Therefore, Mr Yeoh suggested that the focus should be on supporting SMEs by extending wage supports.

“We have done well in terms of supporting 75 percent of wages for the two lockdown months. We need to extend that, make that more visible and say that should there be any more lockdown months, we will do the same,” he suggested, adding that employers cannot be expected to live in uncertainty from month to month.

He added, “We should also support wages at 50 percent for three months after, during the recovery period and maybe another 25 percent as the recovery gains steam.”

Rental relief

The next suggestion was to provide better rental support for SMEs, given that rentals are a huge deal in land-scarce Singapore.

Mr Yeoh noted, “So what we need to do is two things. Firstly, there needs to be sufficient rent annulment. SMEs that are affect should not have to be able to pay rent during lockdown. We have already given them effectively one month because of passing through of tax credits, we need to find the other month and in future months if necessary.”

He went on, “Also, when SMEs are recovering, they need to be able to not just have annulment during the shutdown zero-business period. During the recovery period, they need to be able to adjust to reduce the expected rentals. New Zealand has done that during their great Auckland earthquake. Germany has done that provision. We can do the same.”

Increased line of credit

Finally, Mr Yeoh recommended a tremendous stepping up for line of credit to SMEs, many of which have had this cut by 50 percent.

Noting that he spoke to a few colleagues, Mr Yeoh said they came up with a recommendation for this particular point. He said, “What we recommend is we are able to give fairly steadily S$1 million line of credit to all our SMEs, capped at S$1 million each and after one year, enable them to write off 100,000 max losses from the crisis and pay with a subsidised interest rate after that.”

  1. “I think that this is necessary to prevent our SMEs from being hollowed out,” said Mr Yeoh

China will move away from mid-cost manufacturing into High Tech industries within 3 years

  1. The manufacture of Supercomputers and the entire eco-system of chips, NVME SSDs, Boards etc

  2. Robotics to power up self driving cars, buses and even trains

  3. After Boeing and Airbus gets into trouble, China will built up it’s capabilities to create it’s own commercial aircraft to supply for it’s local demand, and they will be successful as it is the perfect timing.

  4. Smart Homes will drive domestic growth and will be the next industrial revolution 4.0, dominating the whole world supply of smart devices

  5. I will project more than double the growth of China’s economy in less than 3 years when all these happens, after China adopts it’s own digital currency

  6. Blockchain 3.0 will dominate the entire internet with thousands of technologies coming online soon

  7. China will still be the greatest economy and not the US anymore

  8. Rapid growth and prosperity for all other countries as they play catch up under the One World Government. The market is going to be so great that China even cannot contain, and need to locate their supply chain closest to the raw materials, pulling up economies like India and Africa.

  9. The Top Four of Mobile manufacturing will remain, all other manufacturers of ebikes, motorcycles, and televisions will move overseas as the labour costs will be too high. Traditional TVs will be gone, all Internet TVs and all manufactured overseas out of China.

  10. Within 10 years I will create the One World Market when I link all the World’s Trading Exchanges together to trade any assets 24/7 365 days a year, using Neuromorphic Supercomputers, solving Global poverty forever.

  11. The expansion of Digital Video Ads online as the growth in business will reflect in marketing expenses especially on smartphones, interactive digital display panels and in movie screens.

  12. Mall owners will change their models of rental to a profit sharing model where brand owners offer profit sharing and mall owners take risks after the effects of the corona virus which affects many businesses.

Chinese homebuyers go on ‘revenge spending’ binge as cities emerge from coronavirus lockdowns

China domestic demand can sustain any crisis and does not depends on mass imports from the US, once the US gets in trouble, the world will watch what Trump will do, accept my conditions or face a collapse of it’s entire Wall Street as there will not be any trouble in other parts of the world, no mayhem, no mass protests and no food shortages with no money.

Singapore will face it’s worst recession in history but will not collapse, there will be thousands of unemployed and social problems but have no fear, the PAP govt will fire all it’s fronts of Govt Linked companies to make money and after elections LHL will remain as Prime Minister but others will be decided by their merits and contributions. So expect new faces of the opposition in parliament. During this Financial reset that will affect all economies, all the rubbish is dumped to give a clean slate for great progress and prosperity, and I do not expect the US to last for 6 months and they will give up, so expect a little pain while changes and reforms are happening and trillions of technologies will come online after that. When my Non Profit is established you will soon see everything come to life, God has given everyone a Time Line so do not ask me questions that is not relevant.

Contributed by Oogle.  

There is no cure for the corona virus, only blood transfusion from a recovered patient

I based my credentials as a researcher who has access to all US military secrets on Bioweapons created in the lab even worse than WikiLeaks

1) There is no cure except blood transfusion from a recovered patient, which a 100% cure within 14 days.

2) The corona virus spreads like the common flu and many cases will not show any symptoms. There is no way to avoid it unless you are a hermit living underground in isolation.

3) All medications is not effective even vaccines, because the virus mutates and there is no way to pin it down. If I am correct, already half the world’s population is affected, many without showing symptoms so testing kits are useless because you cannot test the entire world.

4) A lockdown in Wuhan is effected because nobody knows it’s origins. Now a lockdown will collapse everything in your economy.

5) Experts who tell you disinformation because they do not know what the hell is happening. This virus is created from a bat and a pangolin DNA which does not occur naturally. It is not designed to kill but spread fear and panic and mayhem.

6) Those who has access to a supercomputer can do a modelling sample to see if what I say is true. Now technology is so advanced.

7) Today you create a medication or vaccine, tomorrows it will becomes inefective as the mutation occurs in clusters, so many testing kits are required for very specific clusters and where the hell it will end up. No results.

8) It is like Trump working like a fireman running everywhere to put out fires when he does not know what the hell is happening, the fire still burns and there is nothing he can do.