Who gives a damn about lockdown when their target is me not everyone else, now I control the entire world with trillions of $$$, governments can go fuck spider


I have spiritual eyes, so  every damn incident that happens in the entire world I know the cause and effects, everyone who tries to mastermind everything for benefits and money, and I can never be controlled, never to be under anyone. Contributed by Oogle.

It is all about Money, Money and Money and trillions of $$$


I also want to play this game. In chinese it is called bao jia. Take taxpayer’s money to throw around making people think the PAP government is very good, but in fact most of all the money goes to GLCs. Then take billions of my income to flash around when in fact it should be used to finance the IMF/World Bank, and at the end LHL is still the PM, and all his kakis will be washed away and he is still the emperor without clothes, and still get to keep his billion dollars salary, I also want. Yes, now his position is elevated and he no longer makes millions but billions. He is second to none other than the boss of Amazon, the richest man in the world. Got no choice, once LHL goes everybody’s CPF also goes, let him keep Ang Mo Kio GRC uncontested, and take over all the others GRCs and SMCs for the opposition. Contributed by Oogle.

Likely impact of withdrawal of Hong Kong Special Status

Three parties are involved, the withdrawal agreement between China and UK, and the special arrangement between US and China. Most likely all the complicated issues must be settled in the International Court of Justice and it will take a long time to settle as it affects all the laws of all countries.

Stabilising the RMB$ as it will be the most affected once the peg to US$ ends. Outflows from Hong Kong is expected but can be managed by capital restrictions and better interest rates.

Enhance the Stock Exchanges of Hong Kong, ShenZhen and Shanghai by offering companies better terms to raise money in China instead of Wall Street.

Move quickly to Digital Currency to prevent inflation and stabilise the economy and create better trading opportunities.

Accord special status of Dual citizenship for those who wants to return to UK or go Taiwan but do not allow them to liquidate their assets in Hong Kong.

Real estate prices are expected to take a hit in Hong Kong, as long as proper capitals controls are in place, the effects should not be more than 30% to ensure continued investments by keeping mortgage interests low.

If you can provide stability within 3 months, the reverse will happen as investors will jump in when they see there is no effects of the US move but instead create more opportunities to make money.

Hong Kong still remains the gateway to China and anyone who wants to do business in China still needs Hong Kong.

It defies common sense. It defies training. It defies arrest policies and procedures. There was no resistance


If this happens in Hong Kong and a police officer does that to protestors, imagine the bask lash but now it is happening under your charge, Trump what are you doing about it? Contributed by Oogle.

This is happening in America now, a taste of it’s own medicine? I am showing you what I am capable of, Trump

Protesters know exactly what is happening and there is no way the US government can compensate them in terms of money and lost jobs if they carry on the lockdown, it will take more than 3 years before the introduction of the Universal Basic Income, in the meantime, what do they eat and survive? A Financial reset is coming in September 2020 and Trump instead of solving the problem picks a fight with China, your US$ is collapsing and unless you move to Digital currency everything is banana money, simple shortcut to get rid of nuclear you cannot do, everybody in the US is cursing you now. Another case of police brutality against George Floyd?

“use your enemy’s sword to kill without leaving a single evidence”

Contributed by Oogle. 

S$100 Billion stimulus when you do not allow eat-in, 65% of all F&B will still close, and there is no way to fix the issue after circuit breaker



Only a stupid fool will do something like this. Even if I give you S$1 trillion to fix Singapore economy, it cannot be done when all the business already close down. Opening a business is a process that takes time and I have no control, you think by throwing money you have all the solutions? Contributed by Oogle.

Another comedian at work? This is really Fake News. What you will see is the real virus spreading in the air, without safe distancing those within 3 metres all get infected, you think the virus will spread without any touch? It will take time for the virus to travel and infect those around, when you really do a time trace you can see it really happening in real time. Even if the virus is on your clothes, it will die within 15 minutes, as long as you do not touch the clothes of an infected person within the 15 mins, the risks of a community spread is very low with safe distancing. In your video you used a test substance not the real virus, if you use computer stimulating program you will never get the results of your video, a supercomputer now is so cheap to rent and use, based on scientific fact and not hear-say. Another fact, in countries which has opened and allow eat-in do you see any complains of infections in dine-in resturants where proper safe distancing is applied? No. So I accuse you of fear mongering.

I solve problems, not create problems, your move will wipe out Singapore’s GDP growth for 3 years, not to mention billions of loses of taxpayers money Singapore cannot afford to pay, if you carry out about 60% of SMEs and sole proprietors will immediately close shop, who will pay the bill?

A recent video from Japan went viral as it showed how quickly germs and viruses can spread within a restaurant even when only one person is infected. The video showed an experiment conducted by health experts, together with public broadcasting organisation NHK, and replicates the atmosphere at a buffet restaurant or on a cruise ship.

In the video, people are seen going into a restaurant, with one person designated as the “infected“ individual. This person is given a fluorescent substance that can only be seen under black light, which is applied on their hands. The substance is supposed to represent germs from a sneeze or cough. All of the participants in the experiment are told to behave in the restaurant as they normally would, without thought of a possible contamination.

At the end of the video it can be seen under black light that the infection has spread to the food, and the plates and serving utensils. Some of the faces of the participants even showed traces of the substance.

There is no fear of any crisis if you follow my teachings, everything will go away within 6 months

Avoid Destructive Competition. The entire world markets is so big if you play by the rules and do not destroy yourself.

When Demand meets Supply, you would have reached your Maximum Price possible. why waste resources on things that does not matter, everything will be maximised to support higher wages, greater productivity, greater innovations and greater profits for everybody.

I do not believe in conflicts and destructions, Trade wars and sanctions do not benefit anybody. Peace will bring stability and will eventually lead to prosperity. Everything else is Fake news. If conflicts does not bring any benefits why engage in it? Free Trade and Free Markets will bring prosperity for all.

Already give you 2 examples between Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox X, they are both moving in the right direction that will maximise their profits and survival, the future looks very bright indeed to support millions of new jobs with new technologies that has no end. The consideration is very simple. What game title do you have? You want to play back your old game titles? If your favourite game is a remake of your old title then you got no choice but stick to a new console and new software.

I do not talk nonsense and it is based on more than 10 years research and inputs from my God to see the future and to create a perfect world. And everything is freely given.

If you create a good user experience and give the best deal possible, there is no need to worry about price as it may be the last consideration for those who can afford it, unless you are broke.

So half the battle is won and all you need is satisfied customer’s referrals and there is no need to spend tons of money on marketing.