Trade Secrets I will never share thru the internet, because the public will use it to attack you, there is no point helping anybody, they deserve it

  1. Run at the first sense of trouble, no point investing in a country or corporation where there is corruption everywhere.

  2. Never put a single cent in any investments when you cannot get the returns you projected in your time horizon, you will definitely lose money.

  3. I firmly believe that you need to build relationships and be approachable. Not anymore due to attacks all over the place, I will filter everybody and take precautions.

  4. Watch every asset you possess that helps yo make money, if you are targeted in a scam, never move an inch and stand firmly on your grounds, do a lockdown of everything you do and think carefully for a backup plan to get out of the mess, it must be secret or you will be attacked again.

  5. Your Banker is the most important Relationship Manager, you put your money inside and the bank helps you raise funds. If he cannot be trusted he will give you problems until you default your loan and the bank will take over all your assets.

  6. Setup a system of communicatons with proxies everywhere and be totally invisible from the public, no point letting your home or address that the public can reach you easily, I myself will buy a motorhome and travel the world, it is better than spending tons of money on a luxury home with tons of security even worst than President Trump.

  7. Even in the US you see corruption everywhere, do not expect anything better in poor countries. All politicians can be bribed, it is all about the asking price. Even Margaret Thatcher can be bribed in a Saudi Arms deal.

  8. If you have already found success in life, you only want peace and prosperity, not tons of nonsense, if you cannot get what you want, it is better to cut yourself from the world and be a hermit, you can easily buy a remote island to stay where it is unreachable to the public and invest in everything there, your own paradise.


Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Multiple OS, Security, Data & Internet , Interests include AI and Big Data, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader. I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours.​

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