Low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, can have significant impact on the functions of the brain of a COVID 19 patient



All the complications of the COVID19 is linked back to the low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, a ventilator does not solve the problem as too low an amount of oxygen can be pump back into the bloodstream, however, this can lead to a cure for COVID19. I have studied thousands of cases and identified a vaccine does not be 100% effective against the virus due to it’s mutating nature, it is impossible to nail it down, however, every mutated virus cause the same issue, and this can be stopped by using a cure that stop the low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream.


All patients of COVID19 must be placed on a pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen levels in the bloodstream within as little a 1 to 14 days on discovering COVID19. If you are afraid it is not accurate then go for ABG test from a main blood artery. Track the oxygen level in the blood 24/7 and observe all the symptoms that will occur, when it affects the brain, the lungs, the kidneys, the pancreas to give you diabetes, cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. Once the symptoms are identified you can treat the symptoms but it is best to resolve the low oxygen levels in the bloodstream first. At present I know of no known drug can solve this issue.

Contributed by Oogle.