Capital gain, Brand sharing profits or Rental income? It is always Location, location, location has always been key. How successful you are depends on your creative skills in management especially risks

It does not matter anymore, education will be totally changed after the pandemic due to safe distancing rules

  1. 50% of all lessons will be conducted by video lessons from work-at-home (Recorded or Live)

  2. 25% will be online collaboration and teamwork for projects with Q & A from teacher leaders

  3. Balance 25% will be held in school for examinations, submission of projects etc

  4. Why is this important? It frees up school resources and teachers have more time to create great lessons where they can in turn collaborate with others overseas

  5. This will in turn lower costs for school and tuition fees and there will not be a need to pay hundreds of thousands just to get to a prestigious schools and these schools can also double their student population, a win-win for all.

  6. So if are an overseas student taking a degree course in an overseas University, you need to be physically present in the last leg of your term, cutting costs to tuition fees, accomodation and food and travel expenses, there is no need to find part-time work so you can concentrate fully on your studies, I have taken all the pressure off.

  7. A Lifelong Learning program where online courses will fuel all the knowledge you need to upgrade yourself all the time, from student, graduate, work, until you grow old.

How many people know Tech companies moderate what you do, they also control what you do and if their objectives and interests change, they can also attack what you do

  1. Do not trust any services that is given free, later you need to pay the price

  2. Even if you pay the price, when your data becomes more valuable then the service they provide, their interests change and you will see the change in their behaviour, they rather take over your data.

  3. Most Tech giant interest does not protect your privacy or your data, or else how do they make money?

  4. Regulations by governments is of no use because they span across jurisdictions and they control more power than the governments.

  5. I support the breakup of Tech Giants like Alphabet because they bind all their services across their entire platform and if you unsubscribe from one, you will get so much technical issues from other services to lock you in, which must never happen.

  6. “Absolute power corrupts, and given absolute power everything is corrupted.” That is what is happening to Tech Giants, they are now uncontrollable by governments and they can even afford millions in compensation when they benefits even more.

  7. One service should not be linked to another and should stand independent for scrutiny.

  8. I can give you so many example of abuse as I am a victim of abuse when trillions can be made by interfering with all my works. What consumer protection is all fake when trillions are concerned.

  9. Have anyone seen, suddenly the platform you use turn on or off access to any function or feature, suddenly you are not allowed to delete your credit card details or unable to unsubscribe from a service? No such issue surfaced but it can happen to anybody thinking it is a technical issue, sorry, it is interference on the platform and so am I entitled to millions in compensation?

  10. I can create trillions of inventions from my technologies so everything I do on the internet is very valuable to my ISP, tech companies are willing to pay lots of money to find out what I do, a few thousand times more than your ISP payments and a million times when an invention is created so my data is never deleted but kept for eternity or traditional logs are deleted and purged after 1 month, now you see the extend of inteference when my income worth hundreds of millions are all taken away, many governments are involved and span across many jurisdictions.

  11. A typical form of attack is to redirect all your customers to another website, call another phone number, publish or unpublish any info or webpage and making your customers think you have closed down. One of the worst attacks is domain hijacking and being held ransom by your providers which I will never give in.

  12. It is better to check everything works especially your email when many info can be intercepted and deleted without your knowledge on your website now so many people are not making money and use all these tactics to make money to survive. Very unprofessional.

  13. A TLD is most likely a .com or .org domain and is managed by ICANN under US management if your servers are in the US. I will redirect to another country which does not come under the US jurisdiction.

  14. Yes, they are snooping around to find exploits to make money especially you are a large business and the old TCPIP networks are never secure. That is why security is very important, hide you IP with a VPN and PTPP encryption, a Password service encryption like Lastpass or Dashlane depending on your browser you use, and a secured email encryption that tells you everything when you email arrives at your clients and if they open it or if it was intercepted along the way. If not you pay the price when it happens to you. Stay safe now most work is conducted on the internet.

  15. Most governments in intelligence need a court warrant to pry into your activities except in the *US, nobody is as nosy as the US intelligence agency like CIA, NSA and FBI.

  16. So if your data is very private and confidential and you will lose a lot of money if stolen, DO NOT USE US PROVIDERS. Use any providers without links back to the US, eg New Zealand, Australia, UK, China etc.

  17. So if you want Facebook to comply to Local laws you need to change your Constitutions in Parliament and your business Laws of Incorporations so when they setup business in Singapore, they will have no choice but to comply.


Trade Secrets I will never share thru the internet, because the public will use it to attack you, there is no point helping anybody, they deserve it

  1. Run at the first sense of trouble, no point investing in a country or corporation where there is corruption everywhere.

  2. Never put a single cent in any investments when you cannot get the returns you projected in your time horizon, you will definitely lose money.

  3. I firmly believe that you need to build relationships and be approachable. Not anymore due to attacks all over the place, I will filter everybody and take precautions.

  4. Watch every asset you possess that helps yo make money, if you are targeted in a scam, never move an inch and stand firmly on your grounds, do a lockdown of everything you do and think carefully for a backup plan to get out of the mess, it must be secret or you will be attacked again.

  5. Your Banker is the most important Relationship Manager, you put your money inside and the bank helps you raise funds. If he cannot be trusted he will give you problems until you default your loan and the bank will take over all your assets.

  6. Setup a system of communicatons with proxies everywhere and be totally invisible from the public, no point letting your home or address that the public can reach you easily, I myself will buy a motorhome and travel the world, it is better than spending tons of money on a luxury home with tons of security even worst than President Trump.

  7. Even in the US you see corruption everywhere, do not expect anything better in poor countries. All politicians can be bribed, it is all about the asking price. Even Margaret Thatcher can be bribed in a Saudi Arms deal.

  8. If you have already found success in life, you only want peace and prosperity, not tons of nonsense, if you cannot get what you want, it is better to cut yourself from the world and be a hermit, you can easily buy a remote island to stay where it is unreachable to the public and invest in everything there, your own paradise.


U.S. cuts funding to group studying bat coronaviruses in China

I explain to you why. US research into Bioweapons since the beginning of time is to use it to make money, not to cure people, and they have no intention to know so much knowledge without getting any returns, I am studying all their research I have access to and everything is used to harm people to make money, it is used as a weapon when they think the world cannot find out, but sorry they met me, and I will kick ass. I have evidence everywhere of more than 10 years of abuse under the US intelligence or else why I waste my time to do so much research and create so much technologies, I waited more than 10 years for revenge, now the entire US is under my thumb, repent and ask for forgiveness or my God will punish you.

They use unsuspecting victims to Geylang to do HIV testing without approval by infecting prostitudes and I was infected with Hep B carrier. They use IMH patients to do testing for drugs with side effects not to cure you. Testing your reactions to external influence if they can train and manipulate you, using sublimal messages so nobody can find any evidence where it is illegal under the Geneva Convention. I got tons of all their secrets and protocol. They can never be a global policeman and I will force them to give up nuclear, or the entire world will face their nonsense. The Aceh Tsunami in Indonesia is caused by a Nuclear Fission bomb (only produce massive heat not radiation) underwater, that is why there is no evidence. 9/11 is created to target the muslims so they can start a war in Iraq, because they want to plunder them because of oil. There are so many evidence I collect over more than a decade, including this corona virus outbreak, it is engineered in a lab, from a horse bat DNA but cannot jump to a pangolin DNA, something unnatural occured here, or it will never jump to a human. The US has perfected the technology of Mind Control to insert thoughts into your brains and alter your behavior, or else why did the muslims crash the airplanes into World Trade centre, everybody can be manipulated via 4G/5G, only I have overcomed and it does not affect me.

Contributed by Oogle.


Since everyone deny my works and my God, you will see me totally disappear without a trace, and find me living a life of a hermit in North Korea

  1. Now I know why the inventor of bitcoin also disappear.

  2. Talk to the Leader of North Korea if you want to find me, Trump, I cannot be reached at all. Then your dreams of Fool’s Gold will also evaporate in air.

  3. My journey of 10,000 steps will start with the very first step after lockdown, and nobody can stop me.

  4. I will travel incognito, with IDs and passport from countries you can never imagine.

  5. I will use no mobiles and PCs, if I use one it cannot be traced or tracked.

  6. Even my fingerprint and my Facial features will be hidden. Which country has implement DNA scanning? No not one.

  7. It is no use tracking all my websites, it will not be updated.

  8. No internet no GPS, no tracking devices, come and catch me.

  9. No use tracking my payments, new IDs, new Bank cards, there are more than a a couple of billion people in the world, go find the needle in the haystack.

  10. Even if you use Global WiFi services I am not there.

  11. The CIA, NSA, and all other intelligence are based on old technology, only China has AI to identify me from billions of people.

  12. Trump want to challenge me? Let me first take your underwear.

  13. Now the entire world knows about the limitations of US intelligence agency, sorry guys I reveal all your secrets after you attacked me.

  14. Drones? Did I hear drones? You will find out soon how I bypass all your technologies.


America does not have the money, where is it coming from? Trump you are digging your own grave when you think President Xi will let you get away with nonsense

My God’s conditions is very clear, do you think you can carry on your nonsense to take my income? I think Trump you have gone crazy taking my millions, and you think all my trillions belong to you and you print your face on all the cheques you give out, that must really got into your head. I will help all other countries in the United Nations except the US, play all your games, come September 2020 when your time ran out I will see Wall Street collapse and I will not do anything as that is predicted by my God for the punishment by my God, you still got time better pray and repent. Contributed by Oogle.

What’s this new mysterious illness affecting children with COVID-19?

A lists of items need to be identified which are common traits amongst all the children affected:

  1. Were the children given any treatment for COVID-19? if so what is the treatment?

  2. The blood types of those children affected by the toxic syndrome.

  3. This is a reaction to the body’s immunity system to COVID-19. Study the RNA involved and the anti-bodies produced.

  4. There should be a common ground which gives you a clue what is causing the reaction. It could be a side effect caused by medication only given to treatments of children.

  5. Local ground conditions maybe different like the water they drink or the food they eat but if all conditions and reactions are the same, you could have missed out on something, find out that clue and it will lead you to a new discovery.

I need a centralised database of all your medical reports all over the world of the children affected, very precise info of their treatments and the doctor’s observation. Once you have that, within 1 hour I will find all the leads for you. Do not worry about paying me, my concerns are more towards saving a life, nothing is more important.

If you create a product like medications or a certain cure I understand why you need to protect your interests by patenting it as you have invested millions, but come on, if you spend no efforts for treatments and still want to create roadblocks to make money and deny everyone treatments, you are truly evil, I never patent anything and my only concerns is saving a life, not making money, and if you commercialise any of my research, please donate any amounts you want to UN China.

FUCK the governments for stealing all my own income, ask them to solve the problems themselves. Contributed by Oogle.