Components of the Universal Basic Income

Like a bank account, technologies must first be put in before you can draw out money to pay for the Universal Basic Income, which will run into trillions. First rollout will be to help the poor, unemployed and seniors without work. The idea is that once you have this you are better off taking care of yourself rather than depend on handouts, which is bad for the economy as most politicians will never properly distribute the countries income, the rich will become richer and the poor end up with nothing.

The components are as follows:
Each individual will be given an income to rent a 1/2/3 room flat not at the Centre of New York, enough to pay your utilities and basic transport and also to pay for a basic insurance to cover your healthcare. So in a family you will have 2 adults and 2 children and your grandparents but children will not be paid the full amount depending on age. It will be a sub-component about $400 to $800 depending on country and lifestyle. Another component will be food and it will be able to feed you 3 meals a day 30 days a month. Every country is different so I will not tell you how much you will get but it will be in the range of $2000 to $3000 a month. Not enough go get a job to supplement your income as this budget is designed to not make slaves out of you but give you give you an option to live the lifestyle you want, definitely not a luxury lifestyle. Education is not covered here as most countries already have a scheme. Insurance for a basic plan will cover all pre-existing conditions and hospitalization up to 30 days including death byand disability. Beyond that you need to buy your own additional coverage. This will make healthcare affordable as a panel of experts will determine your needs and adjust the costs accordingly and there is a need for additional funding by the government. If my God can pave the streets with gold what I am doing can easily be achieved since this is the instructions of my God.

Hin Leong’s transportation of oil and his network of ships is the most valuable

A slide presentation made by Hin Leong for creditors before it went to court showed the company had total liabilities of $4.05 billion against assets of $714 million.

Bank debts of $3.85 billion comprised the lion’s share of its liabilities — with large sums owed to lenders including HSBC, Dutch bank ABN Amro and France’s Societe Generale.

Hin Leong is more valuable than SIA, as this is just a temporary crisis caused by the collapse of oil but will return to great profitablility after 6 months, which the price of oil will return to US$40-US$50 per barrel, but the price of oil has no connections as Hin Leong ‘s business is the transportation of oil depending on it’s network of ships, once oil price is sustainable profit’s from Hin Leong’s business will also be profitable, and the long term view over 10 years is that it will be more profitable than SIA, Singapore govt is throwing billions to save SIA, while Hin Leong goes under everybody’s nose. Just the investments in Jurong petrochemical processing business is in trillions, the Government is either blind or stupid to ensure the profitability of the entire supply chain, no wonder they are losing trillions in investments.

Contributed by Oogle.

Last mission, creating millions of jobs for everyone in 3-6 months, but first the US must accept all my conditions

  1. US$600 trillions derivations of Gold problem which is not backed by Gold where the estimated loss will be around US$300 trillions. As FED you are the regulator have you considered the damages?

  2. The oil markets will return to stability within 1 month, there is no crash of your housing but I cannot say the same on Wall Street, which is now a great asset bubble unless all your debts are written off.

  3. Car sales will return back to normal after 6 months, including the aviation industry and tourism industry after lockdown, there is no risks in the transport industry but food delivery and taxi drivers are already out of work because there is no money to be made in a lockdown.

  4. Do not expect me to be a miracle worker, you took my income and many people will be starving with no food and groceries during your stupid lockdown, your compensation is chicken feet compared to all the business you ruined, which will be closed forever and never get back on their feet.

  5. Nobody wants to talk about compensation now, even China, and US you are indirectly the cause of everything, but I know you got no money to compensate me.

  6. In order to support the unemployed and the poor and needy during this crisis, food waste must be reduced to a minimum, and I will try my best to get fundings for local charities to support free food, soup kitchens and free groceries for all the disadvantaged, and this will be done with upmost importance.

  7. June 2020 will be the month you see things happening while I go prepare all my resources and my contributions of all my technologies to the United Nations China, my trip to Hong Kong (Dream Aquarius cruise), Beijing (UNDP HQ)(HKIA – Xiamen Air) and Beijing to North Korea (China Beijing Railway Bureau K27/K28), and later to Myanmar(air).

  8. Nobody dares to touch me, I am flying the UN diplomatic flag up high on a mission that benefits the world, and I do not need security and everything will complete without any issue.

  9. My God will never fail me, it is just this virus issue delays everything for a short time, I just wait for God’s timing, after going to UNDP I will get funding for my Non Profit and will implement God’s plan as predicted and it will be close to GE2020 after lockdown, and after that, Free Food will be given out for those 55 and above, especially the poor and unemployed, no questions asked, just provide your ID details even you are a foreigner, I will not discriminate against any race or religion.

  10. After that when I delivered all my technologies to UN China, I still need to complete my proof-of-concept for Blockchain 3.0 for developers to build, by then IMF/World Bank can have stability to issue credit lines to governments to implement Universal Basic Income, first to the poor and needy and unemployed, later to every member of the UN when Blockchain 3.0 is completed and delivered,

  11. By then there will be a Financial reset the entire world will move to Digital Currency, where all payments are digital, I will not speculate anything except IMF/World Bank will issue bitcoin, and it will be fully convertable to any digital currency by using atomic swaps.

  12. With my expertise the entire world markets are stable, there is no collapse of the US $$$, no collapse of the oil markets, no collapse of the banking system and only rumours and fears are caused by the virus pandemic, but think again, did God want to destroy the world like Noah’s days? God just want to punish all the evildoers.

  13. I will celebrate Christmas 2020 in Jerusalem after completing all my obligations, and the rest of my works is just completing all my technologies to link all the world Trading Exchanges together.

Defering your mortgage loan by pledging your title and paying rental you can afford for short term 1/2/3 years using insurance to pay for default (additional interest for short term loan can easily by covered by state)

EVs with pay-as you-use packages will be the next revolution driver after financial reset (projected to be 90% of all new sales – 10% normal loan)


Only in Malaysia and Indonesia will diesel trucks and cars will still be popular to support their palm oil industries but the financing model will be changed drastically, where most will adopt a pay-as-you-use model. How it can work when all these factors in flexi-payments can be customised :

  • Lease Purchase

    • A form of Hire Purchase in which a sum is deferred until the end of the contract. This sum isn’t optional and must be paid. It can be a balloon payment at the end of the loan.

  • Monthly rentals

    • The amount paid every month under leasing agreements. They’re not classed as repayments as the car will be handed back to the leasing company at the end of the agreement.

  • Option to purchase fee

    • A voluntary payment which, if paid, transfers ownership of the car to the customer.

So your credit ratings, the package you chose will determine the interests you pay, and the insurance coverage you need. A good start is to know if you want to own or lease the car. In a pay-as-you-go model you are actually paying rental with benefits for a contract fixed amount of time, you are not the owner until you buy over with an option to purchase fee, and the value of the car will be determined by valuers when you sign the option to purchase. Any kinds of customisation can be done based on your affordability, credit ratings and the minimum downpayment. Since everything can be customisable, I expect future purchases of cars will be financed this way, 90% of all EVs and Non-EVs models, bringing car sales back to the auto industry worldwide.

Contributed by Oogle.

SIRS website is purposely down because the PAP govt cannot payout when they did not have income, imagine $9k for 100,000 people, they rather use the money to save SIA

GE2020 is coming and there will be a change of guards, if the PAP govt collapses who is gong to pay the people’s CPF monies which run into trillions, IMF/World Bank will not allow Singapore to borrow trillions when there is no certainty of the next govt, our reserves are already running low, how many support packages can they afford to payout when there is no income, especially the PAP govt has offended me by taking my millions, I will also lockdown and refuse to budge. Contributed by Oogle.

NTUC website for SIRS application is down

My friend tried to login to this website, operated by NTUC, to submit an application for the Self Employed Income Relief scheme. He was not able to login.

He has been trying several times for a few days. He was not able to login.

He has wasted a lot of time. This is probably the experience of several tens of thousand of applicants.

Maybe several hundred thousand applicants are trying to login .

I can make a guess what has happened. The website was designed to carry out the entire process flow. This is a complicated process, as it probably requires to check the entered data against many government websites. Any of these links could be a cause of failure.

The complicated system can probably handle a limited number of transactions every minute. When the volume exceeds this capacity, it is likely to crash the system.

This is probably what had happened.

If I were to design the system, I would create a light weight website that allows the applicant to enter just the essential details – name, email, telephone, occupation.

It will not attempt to ask for documents to be uploaded or to verify the information.

My light weight website is considered as stage 1.

I will then send an email to the applicants with a link to go to the full website to go through the entire process. I will time the sending out of the email so that the volume is controlled to a level that the system can cope. This will not crash the system.

Stage 1 can be considered to be a queuing system. It will manage stage 2 to spread out the actual processing of the applications.

I hope that a person in charge can work on this this suggestion soon.

Foreigners increased at the fastest pace in 2019, now after corona virus what happens?

The Government has finally released the foreign workforce numbers for last year 2019. It shows that total foreign workforce in Singapore at the end of last year was 1,427,500.

In particular, the number of foreign professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMET) has slowly crept up. At the end of last year, the number of foreign PMETs (Employment Pass and S Pass holders) hit almost 400K at 393,700.

This was the largest increase at 3.3% since the last general election in 2015.

Not only the foreign PMET number is creeping up, the unemployment rate among Singaporeans is also going up. The overall unemployment rate (seasonally adjusted) in Singapore was 2.4% in the first three months of this year while that of citizens was 3.5%, the highest in the last 10 years.

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Wolf Warrior Diplomacy – The Misinformation War and I know the Truth



Do not listen to the media or your politicians. The Truth is that I have created trillions of technologies and the US does not want to meet my conditions to give up nuclear, so they took and blocked all my income to try to hang on a last breath of a tiny branch that cannot save them, I have locked up my trillions of technologies unless they meet my terms, so they are headed for a meltdown of Wall Street and the war between China and US is just a distraction because UN China will replace the US in controlling the United Nations, whatever the allies who come to the rescue of the US is useless, God is on my side and nobody can change God’s plans. Contributed by Oogle.