*My Statement

I lost S$440 millions when everybody took over my income and cause problems for my work, why should I help the US and Singapore governments?

When I cannot move forward, nobody will move forward and we can see who will outlast me, 10 years of waiting until today nobody knows my secrets, and it will remain another 100 years, and I will never pass it on. All my phone lines had been interferred and filtered, including my internet and communications apps. So what if you dare to poison me with something that cannot be detected by it’s ownself you think I do not know. Sorry nothing changed until I get my own way. Contributed by Oogle.

!) No money from my eBook and sales. Patridge Publishing nobody will trust you again. What stupid US VAT Tax rules that retains US$30k of your income when you are not a US citizen. Does it apply to all content creators? Then nobody will produce anything anymore.

2) My Indiegogo White paper got totally no results, only $1,000 and nobody wants to pay for the most technology advanced paper in the world. I already found evidence of tampering when it is already over-subscribed. Why should I give everything away when I get not even a single cent?

3) Now whatever I provide for my company services you expect me to train everybody to let you duplicate my services?

4) Then everybody purposely pile up all my debts and try to make sure I cannot pay for anything to hold me ransom so everybody can get commission and cut off God’s plans? All my moneylenders know everything and they tries to take advantage but am I stupid when they gang up against me?

5) Sorry, God’s plan will never change, go talk to United Nations China if you want all my inventions, nothing changes and nothing will force me to bow down to defeat.

6) Only the devil is capable of such nonsense and the US is behind it all, Singapore government can close one eye and the mastermind is my mom who will never get a single cent, I would rather throw away all my money and keep it out of reach from everybody involved, nobody will get a single cent, today what I say is law and everybody will bend down to me and not me to everybody.

7) Even my Patreon website got totally no subscribers, then nobody in the world will be content producers anymore, because you also got no income, everybody will also steal your works and you also get views, no income.

8) I have been totally locked out of my Lazada Ecommerce website.

9) When all these happens, everything in the New Economy collapse overnight, nobody wants to work and nobody gets any benefits from work, let everybody survive on fresh air, no food and no home, no water and no energy.

10) Wait til I find evidence of all my income is diverted elsewhere, even not a single cent in donations. Then you will see what I do. Totally keep my S$100 Billion funds from every single source of the government. No government banks I will trust. Change all my guidelines to only benefit those who have contributed and nothing else.

11) I get disability benefits of $400 every month and it was suddenly cut off since November 2019.

12) Even my wheelchair funding takes 6 months with totally no results.

13) I have already discharged my bankruptcy many years ago, why is there such a stupid requirement that my records need to wait 5 years before being updated, my credit ratings is not HX, I can make S$100K every hour and still cannot borrow S$1K from any government banks, so I avoid all government banks and give them no business. Today I can even setup a Digital Bank anywhere in the world and buy up 100% of Apple, Alphabet or Microsoft. Want to challenge me?

14) Even my “Bread of Life Foundation” has been interfered when th. So I avoid all government banks and give them no businessey take over my domain and copy my ideas and tries to duplicate what I do. But I am one step ahead of everybody and I already knew what to do.

15) To my mom, you started it all more than 10 years ago, I knew every single incident and you use me for experiments to help you make money, now I am rich, you use government people and loan sharks and try to starve me with hunger to make me break, sorry I will redirect all moneylenders to come after you, you took hundreds of thousands from my income and started all these nonsense, now is payback time. Today I control every single technology and the entire world economy, because of $10k you refused to help me, I will not give you a single cent until you die, what you give me about $100 weekly is the very most I will give you, this is a lesson to every parent who behaves like her. I know so many hundreds of people still want to fool around thinking they can get benefits and try to cut me off, sorry everything will end very soon. Nobody can force me to take a shortcut that does not reach my destination, no matter how bad is the suffering, I will never do it cause it will lead me to failure, I rather wait for the next bus.

16) The government officials at Kallang CC took my IC and never return to me last week, is it done on purpose? You think you can create a bank account with my IC and transfer all my income? Only the PAP government is stupid enough to do that. Every Banker overseas will watch out for my ID now if anybody tries to borrow money on my credentials and they will ask for more supporting documents. Even with Facial ID you still cannot nail me.

17) Every single service provider is involved, from Google, WordPress, Wix, and a hundreds more, either they denied me a paying customer for service or purposely setup roadblocks and policies that make no sense just to attack you. So do not blame me for my response. Who is so stupid to reveal my secrets just to solve all the problems you caused? I can easily buy hundreds of new devices and keep everything as evidence as I have already made a police report. Do not forget, I am also a Forensic and CyberSecurity Expert.

No more talk now action, whoever who meddle with me your services I will immediately terminate, if you are a Singapore Bank I will do the same, if you are a foreign bank I can afford to take over any bank in the entire world, who gives a damn who you are, what I say is LAW. You meddle with all my apps and block me from adding friends and contacts and filter all my phone calls you think you are in control? You will find out very soon.

I have already upgraded all my security setting so you cannot attack anymore my PC or mobile.

There is no way you can ring fence me to only update your Servers but not the outside world, the most I just do not update anything and I will give you a view of all the porn movies I watch everyday, fuck around some more and you still end up with nothing.

I really do not need the income from my new customers and I do not need to spend money advertising, I am totally not desperate now I can achieve trillions why should I worry about money? Everything is locked up in technologies and if I like I liquidate a bit at a time, I do not have a luxury lifestyle so it is others who are desperate for money, not me. I have achieved S$100K per hour and only need S$1K for my food and expenses. If the coast is not clear, why should I invest? You caused problems, you solved it yourself, and I totally do not need money, fool around with me I can also survive on fresh air and water, you will be the first to die from starvation. I can survive on 1 meal a day or 1 cup of cereal a day and depend on my God, I think you will cry for mercy when I put you thru the test. I always believe in giving everyone a proper edible meal 3 times a day with proper lodging, look what the PAP government has done to Foreign workers when profits are the bottom line, who will put their hearts to work for you when you do not even take care of their basic needs? Terrible. Anyone heard of UN Human Rights violation? I purposely sent 3 different emails to Amnesty International in 3 different regions and guess what? No reply so you know the extend of interference when trillions of $$$ is involved. I will therefore cut your funding first like WHO from Trump.

All my investigations point to my two debit card issued by DBS Bank Credit Card Dept – Payment Processing Unit and Paypal, once I find evidence I will sue until you are bankrupt, then I will take over control. Both are accused of hiding all my revenues and incomes, and then transfering to hundred of people so all these illegal transactions cannot be traced. If it happens to me nobody is immune, if you are a rich person you may wake up suddenly to find all your funds gone without a trace. I see the connection of unsecured loans provided by DBS Bank to Hin Leong, now it has collapsed, do you think I am interested in Hin Leong? Interpol, are you settling this? It is even greater than money laundering with Swiss secret bank accounts. Participants in the New World Order with links to the Vatican are behind every problems I face, I am not only to kick the ass of the US Shadow govt but I will make sure it falls apart, no money no talk, nobody will listen to the New World Order.

Who is so stupid to throw money to those who cause you problems, neither will I extend my help. I really do not need to get a job at all, I will never be under anybody, today I have reached a position that is the number one in the world, you need me and I do not need you.

You fool around with me I will take extreme measures to cut you out of everything. I do not care about my family, friends or girlfriends and I do not need anything from the world. My income is my income and it belongs to me, nobody will win and get anything, already 10 years until now nobody know the hell I am doing, not another 100 years by then I will be dead and gone, sorry I will never pass it on, wait for someone else to come along after 100 years, and he will be smarter than me, so carry on whatever you are doing, I will never lose and I am prepared for everybody’s nonsense, you think my God is so simple, you deny my God I will deny you, nobody can rob and steal, neither your lies and deceit work.

I have never seen such nonsense from everybody when I am giving trillions away, all my assets have like PC, mobiles and Laptops have been hacked and destroyed to try to prevent me doing my work, my income and donations have all been taken away, do you know what you are doing is killing your own self, I do not need the money or the resources as I can always chose to be a hermit and leave the entire world, and this is my last contribution, go mess it up yourself as nobody can create what I do, the world needs me but I do not need the world.

Very simple, you can only see my home address, God’s works will still be done but you cannot find me anywhere, I will be a hermit that roams around the world without an office anywhere. Nobody will have access to my trillions of technologies until I get my way. I can get multiple IDs and passports anywhere I want and can easily slip thru any security system. I will seek political asylum and run to North Korea to stay forever and fund their entire economy and frustrate the US and Singapore to death, you think I do not dare?

Want to play God make sure you have beyond my capabilities or you are nothing to me, now the stakes are so high and they are so desperate as time is running out and they try everything they can think of without a single result, the winner takes all

1) World Leaders you gang up together and create a fake corona virus to make me pay all the bills, I got good news for you, everything I do is now on lockdown until I get my way, no more trillions of $$$ for you to take away.

2) Everybody expects me not to survive and I need to depend on somebody, sorry I do not need anything from the world but my God.

3) Since all these problems are caused by all of you, I will not be so stupid like Trump to run around to put out all the fires. You caused the problem you solved it yourself. Now the entire world is even mre desperate for money now you waste everythng and expect me to give you some more money. Rubbish.

4) Do not expect me pay a single bill from now on. I am waiting for you to terminate everything. My phone bills, my internet, my utilities, everything damn thing so it gives me reason to run to North Korea and live my life as a hermit there and they will welcome me because I can provide them everything with money and technologies.

5) This is for my mom. You can hide and pretend everything and try to make me a beggar by giving me $50 every week and I will do the same to you. Where is the money coming from? From the governments, False, you also took my income and try to make me a fool but you are the greatest fool.

6) Today in life with my skills and technologies I can create everything myself, my own Cloud platform, my own Digital Bank, my own Charities and Non Profit without a single grant from the governments. Go figure out how I do everything.

7) All moneylenders gang up together working for the Singapore government, why should I be so stupid when they are trying to cause me pain when they took millions from me in the first place sorry I will never pay a single cent until you return my money. You purposely do not upgrade my credit ratings when I have already discharged my bankruptcy for more than 5 years, these are all the tactics of the US intelligence to mark and destroy you.

8) Whatever the Singapore governments promised everybody I did not get, you tell me why should I help them? Sorry I will deny them everything and let them go bankrupt themselves. MSF, Temasek Foundation everything is a fake. There is so much red tape just to get a $3 meal, I will never do that to everyone. If I let the Singapore Government run my Non Profit, it will be the greatest disaster, politics, bias, racism, favourism, all the worst you can think of will come into play.

9) Even numerous police reports have no effect, they just put it aside even I report to CPIB also no use, now is my time for revenge.

10) I have seen evidence everywhere, many people copy everything I produced and many thousands make money from my websites and repackage everything, and that does not matter to me, it is just not even 1 person ask for permission, or not even 1 person donate a single cent from the money they make, I guess the entire world is like this, take and run away. All the organisations in Singapore that I support have already upgraded themselves, and my time is coming soon.

11) My God issue me very clear guidelines how to allocate all the funds based on His conditions. Have you seen a Servant greater than the Master? Never. I will turn the world upside down for sure, even fighting all the way to the United Nations.


12) You can try intimidate me until the end of time, but you are wasting your own time, I will never budge until the end of time, I will give you irrelevant things that has no connections with my inventions, see your patience is longer than mine.

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