*All my ideas, concepts and ways to maximise your income is freely given without any obligations, I only need your referral that I am the creator under CCL, most core technologies are already owned by the UN(China), please approach them for advice, I do not own any patents mentioned by others, please approach the respective IP owners, I am only a catalyst. It is my intention that only governments, IP owners, and creators with the financial muscle can bring it to life, it is designed to create jobs for everybody and boost the global economy, where I have studied and researched for everything in the New Economy to bring it to perfection, bringing the Economy of Abundance and the Perfect Economy, solving Global Poverty forever. It is made to support the United Nations, where each member has voting rights and can freely use everything to improve their Economy, where collectively when perfectly exercuted will bring peace and security for all, where China will lead the rest of the world with free trade and provide security to the world with their China Defence Peacekeeping Force, where everything is executed by all members with voting rights, leading the One World Government. No other plan is as perfect as mine, as it is made with God’s input and God’s resources to bring a perfect world.

*This website is covered by the Creative Common Licence and you can modify and use any information or technology as you pleased as long as you refer to the original creator for approval.

This website contains all the knowledge of solving the World’s problems. It also gives you an insight to the world of investments, economy and technologies, and what the future will be like. You need money to make money and this website does not promote speculation. Neither do we promote quick fixes and get rich quick schemes. There will be Q & A, Discussions, Comments, Video Chats from members to gain future insights on everything to reach the Perfect Economy. The New Economy is about learning from other experience, you do not need to travel the same path to learn from him, and information is easily available on the Internet, you can read a blog post, watch a video, on topics that interest you and learn from it, with terabytes of information available, it is time to built a very efficient Search Engine that can present the data in hundreds of views, in 2D or 3D, in virtual reality, and be really productive and efficient, with computers that can break barriers with hundreds of thousands of threads per second. AI and Machine Learning works the same way, suddenly a computer is even smarter than a human, all you need is to interface with it, mankind do not need to do all the boring tasks anymore, repetitive tasks can now be automated, giving everyone a chance to chase a better life, with more free time and upskill to a better pay. In the future, when mankind unlock all the secrets of the brain, your experiences, your memories, and learning can be stored and transferred. When mankind gets rid of weapons of mass destruction, peace and prosperity will follow as we move towards a Perfect Economy, when my Lord Jesus will come back and everything in this world will be perfect again without Tributions, WW3, Rapture and destruction, directly into Eternal Life and 1000 years of rule under Jesus Christ.


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