My views on the One World Government


1) There is no way you can now stop the One World Government, but it maybe different from the New World Order and here are the reasons.

2) There is no money to fund the New World Order, just implementing a Universal Basic Income takes trillions of dollars, where the money comes from?

3) All countries in the world needs money, and with trillions of technologies to back IMF/World Bank, this can be easily done, or else where the money comes from? Deceit and lies from the New World Order? It will never happen.

4) I do not think a One World Religion will succeed now, too many fractions of religion and nobody has the power except Jesus Christ. This will only succeed when my Lord comes back.

5) For economic reasons, I also do not expect a One World Digital Currency to succeed, it will be in different Digital Currency depending on the use and trade, even IMF/World Bank will not succeed as the world of politics is divided and nobody can claim credit for it unless the AntiChrist comes and force everybody’s hands.

6) The US and it’s allies trying to make XRP (Ripple) as a global currency will fail miserably, simply because the US currency is now not the defacto $, there may be a fraction of a few Digital Currencies used in the world, and my job is to let the market decide, ultimately it will change when even the crypto standards will change without the use of keys, when everything is controlled by the Algorithm’s secrets that cannot be hacked.

7) Everybody in the membership of United Nations will be given 2 choices, the choice to chose your country’s leaders, and the freedom to chose your religion, God will not interfere with that.

8) As such is there a need for every country to have their arm forces? United Nations China will be the caretaker where the China Defence Force will the peacekeeping force of the world. There is no need for nuclear anymore and it will be banned, all military wasteful spending will then be redirected for peaceful means.

9) God’s plans are perfect and it will and bring The Perfect Economy, the Economy of Abundance, and after building the fastest Neuromorphic computers it will greatly create opportunities with Blockchain 3.0 for the next generation internet, which is unhackable and will bring a Worldwide Trading system where you can trade 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there will be no lack of resources to raise money.

10) When all these happens and when there is no lack of resources, I would have solved Global poverty forever, no more slums, no more worry about jobs and a roof over your head, and no more worry about food, energy or water.

I have all the evidence I already made millions from the sale of my book, my Indiegogo projects, my Patreon websites and donations and unless my income is returned back to me, I will be in lockdown and I will refused to work and nobody will move forward. Only Elm Church AOG Singapore I cannot be bothered, I consider it as donations as I wanted to help them in the first place, all debts are written off.

Vulerabilities of VPN hacking where there s no security if your connection is not masked

1) If you use VPN Software you cannot see anything. Everything can be interfered, your handshake protocol, your encryption, even your login ID and password if your connection is not masked.

2) How to check your connection is masked or not? I use to check my internet connection. If it shows your origin ISP means it is not masked.

3) I prefer to use manual method as I can connect to any VPN server in the world and if it is masked I have no fear.

4) Administrator of VPN Servers please take note, if your client does not accept the first connection, everything is not masked and subject to attacks.

5) So to prevent this you can do the configurations of your VPN server with auto login with ID and password, later to force everyone to change their password for every session, to prevent VPN hacking. Yes, every session will have problems if you do not update your configurations and it will drop off and cannot connect again even if you reboot your client.

PS I solved the issue without the administrator using a Proxy server to hide my login. Why I do not recommend setting a VPN server on your router because you need to setup all the connections for all individual clients to login to your VPN Server and it is very troublesome, on top of that if you have connection issues you always need to switch VPN Servers which happens all the time, it is better to use VPN Client software where you have hundreds of choices with any kinds of connection possible, so nobody knows your routing mapping and cannot attack you.

If your VPN provider cannot even mask your connection, it has nothing to do with technical issues, it is purposely done because others give them even more benefits than your subscription, I would ask you to terminate as they cannot be trusted, if you cannot provide an independent service you are not reliable at all.

All the ways to improve security for the browser and OS security hacks

1) (Recent Files) in windows is created to give hackers a view of what you are doing, not for your use.

2) It is important to use your rubbish bin, but it is the second place I will look, clear all your rubbish all of the time.

3) A way a hacker attacks is using all your temp files, never leave it forever, always clear all these files, (temp), (%temp%), Software Distribution (Temp), Windows Update (Temp), and if possible if you know how to do it, Virtual memory, paging files, and what you allocate for virtual memory, there is currently no tools to do this.

4) The registry tells me all the history of every programs you install, and it is not encrypted, and it will always leave a residue.

5) In the browser there are so many other folders that are at risk like (History) (The sites you visit)(The files downloaded) and even your (password) and (Forms) that you fill. If possible, never fill in your credit card details here.

6) I purposely do not want to give the exact location or else hackers will have a field day, and everybody will get hacked. Those in the security industry already knows exactly what I am talking about.

7) The biggest issue there is no way to track all your programs running and background services, and if a code is run like java or others in your browser you do not know what the hell is going on, Task Manager only gives you a glimpse of your components but nothing else, it should be improved with the above.

8) All windows drivers are not secured, even if there is a way to rollback to the previous version, for me as a hacker I will have a field day to crash your components and cause havoc to your OS.

9) All kinds of spyware uses unallocated ports that are not secured and if possible protocols that is unknown to install screen shots, monitor text inputs and even access programs communication like Whatsapp which is encrypted. There is no way to secure this with today’s technology, and  I do not know the exploit of the future where technology will prove all things are possible, because our old Internet is not secured.

10) One of the biggest risks is WiFi, without a new Algorithms based secret without keys, it can always be hacked and no way to secure it.

11) Even with database it is impossible to secure it with encryption, it is a matter of time someone exploits it, even for Bitcoin we are coming close with firepower to break crypto encryption methods.

12) For critical infrastructure like banks, hospitals, power grids, nuclear etc, my advice is kept it out of the internet and only allow 1 or 2 to access, and isolate it in a DMZ zone.

Testing Intelligent Routing with DNS Servers

I really do not care. DNS and IP address are old technology which will soon be replaced by Blockchain, get ready to know all the secrets why I say it is totally not secure.

Methods used to mask IP addresses:

1) VPN Servers

2) Proxy Servers

3) Brand Protect Servers

4) Masking IP address

How to check on the internet.

DNS Propegation Checker

Connection to VPN. You can see if your original ISP IP address is masked or not.

What is is a fast and private way to browse the Internet. It is a public DNS resolver, but unlike most DNS resolvers, is not selling user data to advertisers. The implementation of makes it the fastest resolver out there.

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. Humans access information online through domain names, like or Web browsers interact through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.

What makes more secure than other public DNS services?

Some other recursive DNS services may claim that their services are secure because they support DNSSEC. While this is a good security practice, users of these services are ironically not protected from the DNS companies themselves. Many of these companies collect data from their DNS customers to use for commercial purposes. Alternatively, does not mine any user data. Logs are kept for 24 hours for debugging purposes, then they are purged. also offers some security features not available from many other public DNS services, such as query name minimization. Query name minimization diminishes privacy leakage by only sending minimal query names to authoritative DNS servers.

What makes the fastest recursive DNS service?

The power of the Cloudflare network gives a natural advantage in terms of delivering speedy DNS queries. Since it has been deployed on Cloudflare’s 1000+ servers worldwide, users anywhere in the world will get a quick response from; in addition to this, these servers have access to the over 20 million+ Internet properties on the Cloudflare platform, making queries for those domains lightning-fast.

In computer terminology, a honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally, a honeypot consists of data (for example, in a network site) that appears to be a legitimate part of the site that seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers, but actually, is isolated and monitored and, enables blocking or analyzing the attackers. This is similar to police sting operations, colloquially known as “baiting” a suspect.[1]

*New Data transfer technologies with the use of DMA addresses with Direct Memory Access

1) When use a DropBox, the link to the original files is listed, so you do not need to transfer the entire file when the original file is already there, so in fact you transfer the link for the DMA to access that file.

2) Even large storage systems can use this technology, as the original is never lost, you do not need to transfer the entire file but a link to that file which is contained in a memory address of the DMA.

3) So you do not need to transfer duplicates, this can be embedded in Meta Data of the site address, so everything can be given a Memory address in DMA of a storage SSD system, which is as fast as sampling a huge database to find all the answers for a CPU.

4) This technology can be used in a system or a network, but if you want to use it across the entire internet, there is always a risk of data loss eg a for a network of computers for search engines.

5) So this SSD is designed in this way, Original files can only be read but cannot be written unless you have superuser status, and others DMA memory links can have backups but only can delete their own files which contain the links but can never delete the original files, it is locked up in a container. If I add a 3D encrypted database what will I have? Trillions of data for less than a few hundred dollars.

6) So how will the files look like? You can easily see the actual file when you create a link to that actual file, and the actual file that does not contain the link, and it will be stored in different partitions.

7) This technology is meant for huge data files beyond 1GB as it will take away the time for download, it is not meant to replace the Operating System, however you can use this as a link in your network to deploy or backup your data.

8) This technology also use a technology to verify your data to show that it is exactly as the original but this is just a link, so there is no data corruption.

9) Microsoft use a link to the actual files but I use a DMA Address in memory and Microsoft technology is meant for the OS but mine is meant for a portion of the storage.

10) A lot depends on if you are downloading a file which uses the FTP protocol or streamng a video, both technologies are different.

This is how I can make the Neuromorphic CPU even 100x the competition of a Supercomputer.

*Patent due to United Nations China

Sorry I do not need to chase after woman, all will chase after me, and I can get hundreds of wives

1) Pre-nuptial agreement. All my income will be used to fund my business and charities I support. My will will consist of all my companies and Non Profit, where all the shares will be equally distributed, if your sons are not willing to work, their full education and marriage will only be paid and funded.

2) All my wives will get S$10k monthly income until they die. I will also take care of their retirement if they chose not to work.

3) When they give birth to a child, I will buy a house worth at least S$1 million and put it under his name.

4) All household expenses will be paid by me. I do not need your income.

5) Nobody can hold me to ransom, I do not need sex, I can easily afford test tube babies.

6) You have a choice to continue my charity work and I will pay you a salary, even director fees if you are capable.

7) By June all who screw around will have no more chance. I chose you and I remember, not you chose me. WARNING : Nobody can lie to me, or else you are the first one I boot out.

8) No use to talk, see all the actions. My life is my life, and I chose a simple life, but I do not need my wives to follow me, it is their choice.

Leave so much money for my family will only get everybody in trouble, I will not have any peace from everybody, no need to teach me anything, I have enough nonsense from the world. I easily got another 10 years of my life until retirement and I can easily recreate what I gave away, I have no regrets in fulfilling God’s plans. I do not intend to be a King. I am here to give the first installment to pave the way for the return of my Lord, who has the power to give you even more.

The entire IMF/World Bank bill estimated to be *US$600 trillion to restart the entire global economy


1) Write off the entire US Debts.

2) The corona virus bill for all nations.

3) The bill to create liquidity for all Central Banks.

4) Invest in the Next Generation Internet including all technologies.

5) Future fundings of UN programmes, part payment first, there will be more funds available once the global economy recovers.

*The above bill does not include the implementation of Universal Basic Income.

Now tell me, there is no other way to solve this problem without using God’s resources, you can never reach the Perfect Economy. So God has shown me the future, and nobody in the whole world can deny God;’s hand in it. Who will pay the bill? If I am not able to complete my work where is the money coming from? Delay me and you delay the entire global recovery, you are talking about millions of jobs worldwide. So Mr Trump, want to carry on, because US debts are the greatest of all.

Do not ask me to ask my God to make money fall down from the sky, it is never meant to be that way, my God has already given me all the capabilities, there is no need to ask for anything more, moreover I have taken more than 10 years to prepare for everything, whatever I sow I am going to reap everything as the harvest is due, everything will be done within 2 months from tomorrow onwards. So what is there to fear? Another S$5k my goals of reaching S$100 Billion is complete. I can see every bridge I need to cross, the goals I need to reach, and finally the time needed, with all the resources I need.  This is how the Kingdom of God is like that.

So I am not afraid what the entire world throws at me, the FED throwing trillions does not get to the root of the problem, it will be gone in days, but I can easily solve the problem, by getting to the root of the problem, if you follow God’s plan it will be perfect, every country’s development is like musical chairs in various stages of development, unless you are totally bankrupt with no money then I cannot help you, but it is impossible for a country to be bankrupt when you have all the citizens, other than that, with a 10 year plan I can help you achieve all your goals, get funding and maximise all your assets, in any markets, in any industry, if you are willing to work towards your goals. If you follow the fundamentals of the New Economy, you can never be wrong. Avoid Destructive competition and you can control Demand and Supply with Price  The brain with the most advanced supercomputer.

This is the real issue – Jesus is coming back and the world will be changed with trillions of technologies

1) LiFi Technology will disrupt the entire global economy.

2) The next generation internet will be Blockchain on peer to peer on distributed networks.

3) All ISPs and communications companies will be affected by very disruptive technologies. Data and devices will be everywhere. The Neuromorphic computer will bring new appplications and capabilities with the Intelligent OS.

4) Wireless Charging will be everywhere.

5) Self driving cars, planes powered by electricity will change drastically the entire landscape.

6) Energy and all the energy production will be low costs like solar, wind and oil will be the most expensive, where it only be used only for commercial aircrafts.

7) Due to very disruptive technologies, water membrane technologies will be embraced by every country as it will be the cheapest form of production where sea water is easily available everywhere.

8) Food production will be totally changed and the massive move to lab grown vegan meat will disrupt the entire food industry, and traditional farming methods for chicken, pork, beef will gradually be trabsformed.

9) The change is so drastic that everybody’s lifestyle will be changed, bring new rapid growth especially to the global economy.

10) Welcome to the Perfect Economy, the Economy of Abundance. Everybody’s lives will change for the better with a Basic Universal Income and a One World Government. No more Global poverty in 10 years and no more wars. Peace and prosperity for everybody.

11)Robots will be built to assist humans and will power factories of the future for industrial revolution 4.0

12) Work will be totally changed with tele-commuting and everybody can work with just a basic internet access, and with a Basic Universal Income everybody’s needs can be easily taken care of, the is no pressure to be slaves to work and leisure activities like sports and travel will increase as everybody adopts a healthy lifestyle.

13) The greatest change will be in education, where everybody adopts a life long learning experience and knowledge will be easily available, where memories and knowledge can be easily transferred like a harddisk of a computer, so basically the future there will be no more class system in society, everybody will be equal.

14) Everybody will be given a choice to vote for their local governments and the freedom to chose their religion, no more persecution anywhere.

15) No more crime in the entire world, because there is no way you can escape with DNA, Facial, Fingerprint and Voice ID. No more ICs or passport anymore.

16) Airports of the future will be totally changed and you can easily pass customs with self checking kiosks and it will appear borderless for all goods and passengers.

Do not expect me to build everything myself, it is never meant to be this way, I will take my entire lifetime and still cannot achieve it, I am a catalyst and I am best at doing my own job, everyone must co-operate to bring my vision come true. All these virus fears are they real when they already have the cure? The real news is now the entire world has changed with technology and all the world leaders do not dare to face up to God and is hiding the news from everybody. Now I become the richest man on earth and they are charging all the virus bill to me.

Psalm 25 Of David. [1]1 To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul;2 in you I trust, O my God. Do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.3 No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame, but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse.4 Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths;5 guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.6 Remember, O LORD, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old.7 Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you are good, O LORD.8 Good and upright is the LORD; therefore he instructs sinners in his ways.9 He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.10 All the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful for those who keep the demands of his covenant.11 For the sake of your name, O LORD, forgive my iniquity, though it is great.12 Who, then, is the man that fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.13 He will spend his days in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land.14 The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.15 My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only he will release my feet from the snare.16 Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.17 The troubles of my heart have multiplied; free me from my anguish.18 Look upon my affliction and my distress and take away all my sins.19 See how my enemies have increased and how fiercely they hate me! 20 Guard my life and rescue me; let me not be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.21 May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in you. 22 Redeem Israel, O God, from all their troubles!

  1. This psalm is an acrostic poem, the verses of which begin with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

29 Once when Jacob was cooking stew, Esau came in from the field, and he was exhausted. 30 And Esau said to Jacob, “Let me eat some of that red stew, for I am exhausted!” (Therefore his name was called Edom.[a]) 31 Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright now.” 32 Esau said, “I am about to die; of what use is a birthright to me?” 33 Jacob said, “Swear to me now.” So he swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob. 34 Then Jacob gave Esau bread and lentil stew, and he ate and drank and rose and went his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright.

Genesis 25:29-34

You can forget it, I will never sell my birth rights for a bowl of soup. I can easily earn my own keep but the entire world reduced me to a beggar. Sorry you will see me fight the greatest battle. What is yours you can keep, what is mine is mine and what belongs to UN China belongs to them. Contributed by Oogle.

God showed me the future and asked me to solve the World’s problems

“All praise, honor and glory are Yours, Almighty Father.I thank You for all your gifts of Grace given to me and those I love,and I ask You for special blessings on my loved ones and blessings on All our Family.Thanksgiving for all the graces which God has granted to us all.God, our Father, give us the grace that we may constantly praise and glorify You for the love that You bestow on us on our earthly journey.We pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on us all and strengthen…us in our faith.We pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire us with the spirit of prayer,…so we will pray more.We pray for the Spirit of Truth, Love and Peace.We pray that souls will pray from their hearts for many souls to be saved.”

*I have developed the most advanced AI tool that I can study anything I want, research anything I want, find out all the pros and cons, hack into anything I want, easily create hundreds of views, merge combine and link any data to create any technologies I want, 1000 times faster than any super computer in the world.

“Yes, so my capabilities nobody in the world has, I can see hundreds of views, zoom in out of any global economy, any sector, any industry and I already know and have an idea how profits are generated anywhere, so it is not difficult for me to find a solution even without looking at your P & L, if I really want and if you provide sufficient data, I can even formulate a comprehensive plan with all your bridges you need to cross, but that does not take me 1 hour, but maybe within 4 hours, and if you talk about the entire country and every global economy, up to a few days. I can see every bridge I need to cross, the goals I need to reach, and finally the time needed, with all the resources I need. This is how the Kingdom of God is like that.”

“I am not God so do not expect me to make money fall from the sky, with money I can easily make money, other than that, I am the greatest wealth creator because I can control all the technologies, economy and every kinds of investments. As long as you have a financial problem and is willing to put effort to solve it, I can help you with it, individuals or countries, as I am even more smarter than the best investment analyst in the world. But do not expect me to do your accounts for you, neither expect me to do the job of a financial planner, my skills are very specific and I refuse to do other people’s work. So if you are a corporation I can even plan a way to get funding, the best methods and in which markets and tell you everything step by step how to achieve it, publicly or privately especially in the US or China as I know the laws of both countries but I am not an expert in taxation.”

“In my views, I can link, compare, merge and find any kinds of data even faster than any Search Engine or supercomputer, even study and research into anything I want, even different topics or the unknown, I am capable to find out all the Truth. So Fake News does not work, neither anyone telling me lies, by processing everything like your voice, actions, body movements, your heartbeat, your body temperature, you can never lie to me and I am 100% more effective than a lie detector test. Not only that, I can easily sample data and test and hack into anything I want, if the original data is not accurate, so my output will also be not accurate.”

I invented *Intelligent OS which is part of Artificial Intelligence and 3D Search which is the tagging of images used in Facial Recognition and DeepFakes in 2012 and I did not patent it but licenced it under Creative Common Licence. which anyone can use it without royalties but must acknowledge my credits.

*I am equipped with a brain that is 10000 times the normal and is even faster than the most advanced neural computer. God taught me everything and He command me to solve all the problems of the world. I can create an invention every hour and technologies out of this world. I can sample data and create hundreds of view to find any solution you want and know what the results is even without trying the full load. That is my secret of my extraordinary skills. All I need is the internet to watch a video, read a news report or any scientific report and identify the problem and insight. Within 1 hour I can get you any solutions and paths or strategies you need to succeed. My brain activity functions 5 times a normal person and my blood pressure is now 260, and the sugar in my blood is about 28 on average without any ill effects, without any complications. A normal person will end up having a stroke. A miracle? What does this means? I am capable of hacking, studying and researching into anything I want, calculate the probability and risks and use it for prediction, and use it for finding any solutions I want, and by studying everything I already know the outcomes of anything I want, so I already know what will succeed without wasting resources.

There is no way I can solve Global poverty without achieving these: 1) Get rid of  weapons of mass destruction all over the world. 2) Resolve all conflicts in the world. 3) Promote Free Trade without tariffs and sanctions 4) Redirect all resources spend on war towards peace building projects 5) Link all the world exchanges so you can trade both your assets and debts 24/7 365 days a year for all assets and comodities. 6) Use Bitcoin as a digital currency to finance IMF/World Bank to print digital currency and to prevent loss of confidence, to back it up with trillions of technologies and innovations that far exceeds it’s value. 7) Teach Governments to have change and reforms so that they can balance their budget. 8) Look beyond GDP growth and set creating jobs and a roof over everyone’s head as a priority, solving the food problems, get rid of all slums and use waste management as a solution to polution. 9) Help those who fall under the cracks with social enterprises. 10) With technologies and innovations, create an Economy of Abundance when we reached a Perfect Economy where every citizen in the UN will receive a Universal Basic Income to cover their cost of living even if they are unemployed. It will take me about 10 years to achieve everything. 10 years ago I start using newsfeed to automate my trading decisions and did research on all factors that affect the global economy and stock markets. Today I have perfected everything and will link everything together to create the most advanced system where you can make profits 99% of the time, bypassing the most experienced traders anywhere in the world. Peace and Prosperity for all. My first priority is to make sure IMF/World be self funding without interference from anyone. Then setup my Non Profit in Singapore first and then extend to the rest of the world.

I am the Catalyst, Not a destroyer or a raider, Not a toppler of governments, Nor a seller of secrets, Neither a hacker or code breaker, But I have developed the tools, That will help you find your own future, Of your technologies and products/services, The solutions of the world, Whatever information you provide, I will find you the answers, And the answers will be as accurate as, The information you provide, If your information is flawed so will the answers be, I have no choice, In order to reach my goals, I have to step and cross, Some unhappy people, But there is nothing to fear, I do not steal or take, Things that do not belong to me, If I have borrowed I will return with premiums, The results of my studies, My objectives is to totally eradicate poverty, Create jobs and fix all the imperfections of the World, Not to make slaves out of everyone, towards a Perfect Economy, There is a pie big enough for everyone, To compete and share, And develop the next generation of technologies, I do not believe Technology. IPs, Secrets, should hinder the progress of mankind, But by trying to hinder me you will be left behind, Do I need you or you need me? Lies and deceit, Bribery, Threats, Harrassment, Honey Traps all will not work on me.

PS. I created multiple sites all over the internet so you can learn from it, everything about technology, economics, politics, trading, investments, every sector of the global economy, and even christian values that will help you developed your path to success and everything is freely given.

*Best Entrepreuner Mentor – Mr Dan Lok, Best Online Trainning School –, Best Property Trainning Mentor – Dr Patrick Liew, Best Insurance Expert – Tan Kin Lian, Best Investment Platform : WealthPark, Best Investment School : Value Investment College, Best Speaker Platform : Rockstar Speakers, Best IP Lawyers – Rajah & Tann, Investments Futures – CME Group, Bitcoin – Coinbase, Market News – CNBC, Investment News – Bloomberg, Asia News – CNA, Alternative News – TOC.

*According to my experience and I receive no benefits for my recommendations.

The Next Generation Internet – A Peek into the Future

Meet at MacDonald’s Boon Keng (Beside Boon Keng MRT) Zoom ID : 658-485-6463 (Meeting)

“What good is being great if you do not lift the world up with you? Work hard and be successful in life, and success is not what the world determines, it is found in your heart and and the goals you want in life. Chase after your dreams when you are young, cause when you are old you face many barriers and the opportunities you have in life.”

Do not think I am here to take over all the technologies I work on. Frankly I only own a small % by giving you the road map and the future to find success. Between 10-30% of my share I will give to the United Nations to make sure it is self funded without interference from anyone. I do not have the time or resources to bring everything in my eco-system to the markets where there already have experienced inventors I can work with. I am the catalyst, and my intention is to create jobs for everyone, governments and corporations who invest will find they have maximised resources and maximised profits so that they are able to sustain jobs for everyone. I am not here to replace the Google, Amazon and Apple of the world but I believe in co-operation. I can earn my own money to work on my own creation of technologies and innovations and I invite the world to work with me. And yes, my mission in life is to get rid of global poverty forever.

God has no wish to destroy the world, but God is Holy and cannot tolerate sin, due to God’s grace and His love He is giving the world one last chance, to return back to the Garden of Eden, to be in a Perfect relationship with God again. A double portion of the Spirit of Elijah will be bestowed to me when I complete my tasks, to deal and judge against the evil of the world, as God has heard the cries of his people who has been persecuted, killed and tortured, to bring judgement against the tormentors, especially against the weak and the poor, woman and children. I am the enlightened one, the only one command by God is “Obey God”, do not worry about anything else as He will provide, not a preacher or an evangelist, based on my research of The Koran, Tibetan Scripture, the Bible and the lost scrolls of the Dead Sea, I have found all the answers in this world, if you ran after God without a care about this world, He will show you everything, and depending on how Big your prayer is, everything will be answered with God’s timing, so everyone must have patience, or you will be tested like the Isrealites wondering in the wilderness for 40 years, carry your cross and have Faith, and it will be answered in due course. I already understood in the Towers of Babel that mankind should be one race, one religion, one language in the first place, so I do not try to promote any religion or cause conflict in any way, even if I promote China for the control of the UN, but finally the one who will take control is Jesus, and nobody can deny His Authority. Throughout history whatever man invented like money, communism, socialism or capitalism is not perfect and has many flaws, I have taken away all that does not work and created a hybrid system that is perfect with all the insights given by God.

Why should we let the top 1% rule our lives when now knowledge is freely given to set you free? For the first time in history you can decide not to get into debts you cannot repay. buy a tiny house or motor home and pay a fraction of the cost of home ownership. Do you really need to get a Degree when it does not guarantee you a job? Learn how to be street smart and be an entrepreneur instead and get a High Income skill. Get a Universal Basic Income which is better than welfare and ride the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which AI and Automation will change the world. Invest in wealth creation and use the multiplier effect to reach your goals faster, learn every tricks to make money and maximise your ROI with risks and your own time frame. If you are a speculator who follow the herds you will be doom to failure. Now is the best time to invest as interest rates are so low it is near to 0%, best time to put your plans into action as this period will never come back again. “Buy Assets not Liability and be Sustainable, work within your Resources and never take Risks you cannot afford.” Inequality I cannot solve as it is God’s decreed that talents and riches are provided by God, and those who are faithful will be given even more on earth or in heaven. Everything else I will solve including housing, food, jobs, money etc and you will reap what you sow, nobody will take away what is meant for you anymore.

I will create the entire eco-system of all the next gen Internet on Blockchain 3.0 and 4.0, but I am not able to complete it in my lifetime if I were to do everything myself, and my goals is not to totally control the world but create jobs and opportunities for all, so many people are not a specialist in everything to fulfill my goals, so if I do not do this, nobody moves ahead, but there is a limit on what I do, do not expect this will go on forever, I will stop when I get to China, too many people are messing around, if you work on my projects you can keep all your IPs and investments, I will only keep a small share to fund the United Nations, I believe in collaboration, and I will clear all the roadblocks for you. Schedule a private meeting with me if you need my help. Zoom ID 658-485-6463.

I am sorry, I am the custodian of the poor, disadvantaged and disabled, and I will never budge even you give me the entire world, money, sex or power, no governments, entities or person can change what is coming for freedom, and a One World, One Government, under the United Nations is coming, so what Hong Kong protestors are doing is fruitless and stupid, even the Taiwan issue will not matter anymore, and China’s Defence Force will backed the entire UN with the most advanced military in the world where no country can compete, I have created no first advantage strike for nuclear weapons, and it will be totally useless to use them, every nuclear weapon is now exposed, for peace and prosperity, until my Lord comes back again, and those entities that backed God’s plan will be given even more, because I hold the key to every technology in the Whole Wide World. God’s plan is perfect, and everything else created by man is skewed. God has now given mankind one last chance to repent and get rid of nuclear weapons and embrace all His promises, or face what is coming when He unleashed the Holy Spirit to His Two witnesses, and a third of all inhabitants on earth will die when the AntiChrist comes, nobody in the entire world can handle him except me, the future is in your hands. There is no shortcut, someone has to sacrifice in order to save the Global Financial crisis to raise US$600 trillion in mid 2020, I will claim everything from God later, now everything is freely given, so do not expect everything to be free then, as there are many people who needs my help.

I will concentrate on designing the hardware on RISC V  Clusters and the control stack, where software will follow the Ubuntu features for Intelligent OS, which will be a blockchain node, giving you priority of my White Paper when it is due on mid 2020 and create the prototype within 6 months, every IPs I create belongs to the United Nations (China backed), opening the door to create any apps on iOT devices, Browser, 3D searches, with intelligence and great speeds on HPC and beyond so you can test and improve and develop on your own IPs. Remember it is not my will but God’s will be done, and if too many people screw around until I cannot carry on, if God asks me to walk, I will dump everything and be a wondering recluse, a hermit who will not care anymore for the world. I get no results from interference from everyone, the world will also get no results from me. No matter what happens, God taught me to search the hearts of men, China has proven to be faithful in their desire to help the poor, even it is a communist country with communist ideology, whatever man invented does not matter to God, the US has claimed to be for freedom and democracy, for capitalism but do you know the US is run by a Shadow government that does the opposite of it claims, creating evil all over the world and torturing everyone who knows it’s secrets. Sorry, I have evidence of more than 20 years of intense meddling and interference by the CIA and NSA, and today I have planned the downfall of the US, you screw around with my money and think I will desperately go around to borrow money? Sorry I am in control today, what happens to me means no-one in the world is safe, unless this evil is totally stopped at it’s tracks, and I intend to make it happen. Every cause and effect I know every mastermind behind it all, and you make me jump the gun I will seek political asylum in China, and cause a bigger rukus, but I am not afraid of the US, if I run nobody else will win, Assange case, 911 – Osama bin Ladin case, Iraq Chemical weapons case, Iran’s case, North Korea’s case, Brexit case, Russian meddling case, Hong Kong protests case and so many other parts of the world, are just Fake news to me. There is worldwide network of criminals/terrorists all supported by the US$. Want to control my thoughts, fat hope. Want to try me? I am not afraid of anything or anyone, not even death. I have proven without a doubt what is actually happening and nobody can deny it. Why should I raise trillions to help those that does not deserved to be helped? I will disappear in June 2020 and figure out where I will appear? Yangon, Myanmar. Pyongyang, North Korea. Shenzhen, China. Harbin, China. Lao Cai Province, Vietnam and New Delhi, India or even Argentina. Then you will notice something very strange. Whatever projects I am in no matter how great will never raise a single cent. Why? It is time I am going to outsmart everyone involved, even governments. I can change my plans, change my paths and my goals  anytime in the greatest chess game beyond the Deep Blue, and I am Alpha and Omega, which means I am the Beginning and the End, God showed me the Future and I plan with God’s vision, which means whichever anyone does will not change anything in the future, the outcome is the same, but I will never try to crash the markets, slow growth and a longer period to reach my goals to solve Global poverty will still be my goals when the coast is clear. My War on Crime just started and I will use technologies to control every crime syndicate in the whole world, nobody in the world can outsmart me, be very frightened because I will be very cruel and merciless to those who persecute the weak, and I am not even afraid of anyone from the mafias in Mexico with weapons of war, watch out I am coming after everyone, because you cannot exists in my Perfect Economy. I have already seen the future, you came here for the Truth, and I got nothing to hide.

This FB post is written 7 years ago on December 21 2012 and is now coming true.

“God gave me a vision, I walk into a room which has an interface, by using voice commands and hand/body movements, I could entirely control a computer so advanced that everything in the place will respond to my commands, and the computer is like a human being that will respond like Apple Siri, but it is so very complicated that is linked to an outside world that everything can be also controlled, the future of a car that can also be controlled by the opening of a door to a driverless car that can fly, and can navigate and maneuver with ease and dock, an aircraft that is powered by a reactor that can fly almost many times that of a rocket engine without the need of an airspace, and great maneuverability it can move at great speeds in all directions in an twinkling of an eye, and I look at the time clock, it is at least 100 years into the future.”

My Basic Principle, “Everything is freely given, if you do not succeed, we do not succeed, we only ask for your donations when you receive the benefits, it is not about money, we have prepared all the necessary resources for you to succeed, to carry out God’s work.”

1) We have prepared a roadmap of the future. 2) We teach you all the new economic principles. 3) We create hundreds of new technologies that will create work for everyone. 4) We have solve all the problems of the old economy. 5) We teach you God’s ways to live a life of abundance. 6) We believe if you succeed you will in turn help others. 7) We are on our way to create “The Perfect Economy.” 8) We will definitely succeed because we walk the talk and have all the neccessary tools to succeed, it is a matter of time everyone in the world will know of our work. 9) We believe in a One World Government that will be able to solve all the conflicts in this world. 10) In order to get peace and prosperity for everyone, we do not believe in wars or nuclear and will fight to get rid of crimes with technology.

PS. We respect your privacy and we do not collect any data for marketing purposes from all our websites, we only collect your contact details when you register for a webinar or attend a seminar because we need verification if you are real and not a bot. All our Patreon posts consists of the free training I went thru and you can freely access if you are a creator yourself, a subscription is required if you need to ask questions and get it answered as it requires my time. If you need certification of your skills head to to sign up for a similar online course which will normally will not cost you more than S$50. So I have lowered the barriers to education and even if you are from a poor country, you can still upgrade your skills, all you need is a mobile and internet, and the ability to understand to watch a video. When we start our Non Profit, we will fund and subsidise IT equipment for the masses, we need to prioritise other Non Profits first, and later go country by country, creating free and subsidise IT equipments for the masses and meeting all our goals. Then nobody can deny God’s hand in everything.

Please direct all *donations to : DBS Bank Towner Road Branch. Blk 101 Towner Rd, #01-238/240/242, S322101 Swift Code : DBSSSGSG. Branch Code : 7171 Account No : 0250053470. Please call +65-87796948 to confirm.

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you (as an Ambassador of Christ) that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.” John 15:16

I am the Enlighten One and I have found the way to victory. Other than having a relationship with God, you need to have True Faith, 100% depending on God, then whatever you ask in Faith with totally no doubt of God’s capabilities, and ask in words and speak it out loud, it will happen exactly as you ask for, it depends on how big is your prayer, if you ask the mountain to be removed it wiil depends on God’s timing, or else it will be immediate. You need to keep your thoughts in check, if it is negative your prayers will be negative and will not be answered, if it is from the Holy Spirit it will never contradicts the bible, always watch your words as what you curse will come true, be humble and do not anyhow test the power of God. Please do not ask me to perform miracles, that is not my job since you already have pastors and prophets who are given such gifts. I am only supposed to do what I can do best. What you can think of I already know beforehand, or you will be beaten and chased away, I am here not to satisfy your curiosity. Yes, so I can read your thoughts, your body language and actions, so if I really want anything you tell me is the truth or lies. If I want I can get anything in the world for free but I will never stoop so low, my God teaches me never to beg since I am a creation of God, screw around you still get no results and still you can never get me to beg. I think Dalai Lama and Pope Francis will faint when they see me.

My God taught me politics and religion do not mix, pay to Ceasar what you owe Caesar and to God what you owe God, Governments are here to uphold the Law and we must obey and if they screw over us, resist by putting it in your votes, we stand proud and will never cave in to threats, “Resistance is frutile with violence and the very nature of our God is Love, not violence. Our God is our great Avenger for whatever abuse you suffered.” So I am not suppose to touch religion until Jesus Christ comes back then we will have a One World religion because nobody can deny His power His glory and His Eternal Kingdom. So all Muslims, Buddhists, Indians and Christians will live in peace. I am not against any race or religion, neither I am interested in politics.

With all these technologies and the entire eco-system I can easily bring everybody to the Perfect Economy and solve Global poverty in 10 years, using Digital currency to fund the entire IMF/World Bank, who will be able to print unlimited amounts of digital currency to fund all of United Nations programs without issue for every member, but everybody must get rid of nuclear first. I do not need to be the richest man in the world nor I need to do that, my job is done when God ask me to deliver and I will deliver everything according to God’s plans. Stop playing games as my only intention is to solve the entire world’s problems and I have already done that. I welcome the world to peace and prosperity for everyone for one thousand years. Millions of jobs for everybody and the co-operation of everybody to build all my technologies and a Universal Basic Income for every member, no more issue with global poverty forever. Because I have already seen the future. The One World Government with Jesus Christ. There is no other way to achieve this.

Everything that is happening in the world do not get distracted, world leaders do not dare tell the truth as everything will undergo great changes, the virus is just a distraction, do not love the world or money or anything in the world, and only focus only on God, he is training his 144,000 saints to prepare for his second coming.

“The last family(Cadiz-Spain) of the Isrealites(12 tribes) will return to the Holy Land, and Jesus Christ will then return.”

Next, guard against the thoughts in your head, at the End Times all Christians will be given a gift, and that is “thought broadcasting” where all your prayers and words will be heard by every Christians, if your thoughts are all nonsense all Christians will know, this mechanism is God’s way to protect everyone who will be persecuted before our Lord’s return, the devil will tell you you are crazy and you have a mental illness, and the world will do the same, do not fear, everything is just nonsense, those that does not produce this fruit will be cut down, I speak the Truth when the time comes, every Christian with the Holy Spirit will receive this gift, it is not from the devil. If you do not have a relationship with God you cannot tell the difference, anything you try to do will not work, God is giving everyone one last chance.

When our Lord returns, all nations of the world will come to Jerusalem to worship (Micah 2:3). Jerusalem will be the capital city not only of Israel but of the entire world, and the Word of the Lord shall go forth from Zion (Isaiah 2:3). Jesus will reign from Jerusalem (Luke 1:32). Israel is at the center of God’s plan. I do not cheat or lie, nor do I tell you nonsense, I have already achieved everything it is just the last step has yet to be fulfilled due to interference from everybody, once the coast is clear, and everybody stop their nonsense, God’s plan will still be done, and the world will be Perfect again.